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October 1, 2023
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October 1, 2023

Do Bad Evil Seducer Guys Corrupt Innocent Ladies? | Girls Chase

Was actually the pure princess corrupted by a dirty playboy? Will it actually even work like that? We explore whether women can be innocent doves, damaged by filthy, devilish guys.

I have been which means to write this short article for somewhat, so we just got another of the comments. The opinion was actually on

my post in which

I spoken of feeling unfortunate when splitting with a lady, being unsure of if she will ever find another man back at my degree.

The commentator naturally said this revealed I was a bad man for matchmaking women and destroying all of them for any other men and that i will only perform friends-with-benefits or something (

as if which was anything I became also contemplating!


So I think today’s of the same quality a period as any to deal with this belief that some dudes keep.

Namely, that ladies are innocent, dove-like creatures, who will be tragically ruined by diabolical relationship fiends (just like me), just who entice them, record their minds like they will have not ever been grabbed prior to, next boot them out to the cool, to never manage to undoubtedly love one once more.

It’s a type of reverse-Disney; Prince Charming, versus putting some Princess’s hopes and dreams come true, changes the woman goals into sour lifelong regrets.

So is this the way it is proven to work?

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