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We strive to help students develop a solid foundation and vision so they can be successful. We will work with you in detail so you make the best possible choice. Find out how we can help you!

We are the founder of EDUCATION TURKEY in Pakistan. Being the authorized representatives of leading Turkish Universities we want to make sure our students are placed suitably. 

As you enter the portals of Tri-Star Education, a vast vista of intellectual enrichment awaits you. Our philosophy is to give students exceptional and personalized service, and best advice to ensure valuable study abroad experience. 

Our purpose is to give you access to valuable opportunities that nurture your academic, personal and professional development.

Turkey is now called the power house of Europe. With a booming economy (2nd fastest growing economy in the world) and historic legacy, 

Turkey is an ideal studying destination for students from Pakistan, where currently 16,656 international students are studying. Tri-Star Education promises to work with you to make your time in Turkey a fulfilling experience.

I wish you good luck.

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